Johnson Memorial






Here, fans of Avery Johnson come to pay their respects, talk about old times, and wish the dog hadn’t beaten him over the fence.

Feel free to comment about the man — the legend.

UPDATE: Hedgem0ny kindly donated a brilliant Johnson for everyone to drool over (pun intended), clad in ODST armour. Halo won’t quite be the same without the wise-cracking marine Sergeant. So enjoy this visual feast of the man before he was sent out with a bang.

7 thoughts on “Johnson Memorial

  1. This man shall be remebered, for his actions, have lead us to victory… Being one of our great heroes…

  2. THANK you for the act of volunteering for the Orion project you helped make the Spartans possible and you where and always will be the most bad ass marine in the universe thank you

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