Announced: Halo 5 Guardians


Finally, the next iteration of the Halo saga has been formally announced, along with some interesting details as well.

Frank also commented on the announcement on Halo Waypoint. Take a look.

As well as the formal title for the game we’ve also been provided with an image depicting what appears to be a Spartan IV and the Master Chief.


If you look to the right of the Spartan IV there is what appears to be a large figure or statue.

Frank also provided some very interesting concept art. And when you add all of this together, along with the initial Xbox One Halo trailer from E3 last year, it appears that this dusty planet will play an important role in the next Halo game, as all appear to be desert-like in appearance. See below.


Similar to the image depicting the Spartan IV and the Chief, a large figure or statue can be seen in the middle ground of the image, to the right hand side, near a large rocky pillar. Is this a statue or a possible adversary? Additionally, there appear to be odd flying objects in the sky, almost (dare I say it?) sperm-like in appearance. At first I thought of Flood spores, but they usually fall to the ground, covering andĀ infecting everything. There are also two suns.

Initially, the architecture reminded me of Harvest. But upon closer inspection it appears similar to human/UNSC construction but without the angular design characteristics. And it’s definitely not Forerunner. Could it be Ancient Human architecture?

What do you think? Could this be Charum Hakkor? Or somewhere else entirely?

Halo 5 Guardians is slated for release in 2015, keeping the hope alive of a Halo 2 Anniversary, though rumours are spreading of a remastered Halo series.


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