Halo News 24/03/2014

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This week’s news headlines:

  • BS Angel moves jobs
  • New playlist for Halo 4
  • E3 2014 is set to have a big focus on Halo


Goodbye, hello

Last week’s Halo bulletin was full of goodness, as per usual, but what separated this one from the rest was the fact that Jess will be moving on from her Community manager position to Studio Operations PM. I’m not quite sure what the ‘PM’ part entails, though I’m sure it’ll involve the frequent use of the word ‘Awesome’.

Jessica joined 343 Industries in 2010 after quitting her Halo blog, Hawty McBloggy, and surely became a part of a very secretive movement: the one involving the making of Halo 4. Oh, how I envy thee. I wish her the best of luck with her new position.



This week Extraction returned to the Halo 4 playlists and will be available for a short time only.

According to Halo Waypoint Extraction involves the following:

GAME TYPES: Extraction 1-Site Small, Extraction 2-Site Small, Extraction 1-Site Large, Extraction 2-Site Large
MAPS: Skyline, Haven, Abandon, Adrift, Vertigo, Complex, Perdition, Ragnarok, Harvest, Landfall, Solace, Longbow, Exile, Meltdown, Monolith.
E3 2014

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has all but announced the arrival of Halo 5, or Halo 2 Anniversary as some fans believe. E3 2014 is set to be full of reveals, and will be primarily focussed on games, including a new Halo title.

“Yes, I think you’ll see very few execs. We are already over our 90 minute time limit and having to move stuff out of show.”

“343i [343 Industries] has a great plan in place, will be cool to share with everyone.”

To whet everyone’s appetite, here’s the Halo for Xbox One video again.


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