I’ve been beavering away at this site for the past few weeks, trying to get things sorted. But I can now provide a glimpse at what’s in store for The Secrets Within in the very near future.

Coming Soon…

TSW will feature the following:

Weekly News Debrief – A roundup of the weeks’ Halo news

Video Game Reviews – Every title that I can get my hands on will be reviewed here. Halo or otherwise.

Halo Community Interrogation – Members of the Halo community will be secured by my ONI connections and interrogated.

Freelance Halo – For those who fancy writing up their own articles but have nowhere to post them.

Halo Feature Articles – These articles take pride of place, uncovering the secrets of Halo and examining the characters, technology and the events that span the entire galaxy, and beyond.

Hardware Reviews – Not Halo related, but invaluable for those who are looking for something nice to buy. be it laptops, MP3 Players, or headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

Flashback Friday – A nostalgic, reflective look back at the moments of Halo that resonate the most.

Poll – The obvious and obligatory poll.

The Library – Solely dedicated for those glorious moments when members of 343i or those affiliated step forward and chat to TSW.

The Gallery – Fan art, fiction, machinima or anything else fan-made goes and is promoted here.

The aforementioned list isn’t complete. There’s one more thing to announce. But I’ll do that when the time is right.


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