February Poll: Driver or Gunner?


Every month I’ll be running a different poll to find out what sort of player you are. The first one up deals with vehicles, and what you prefer to do with them.


2 thoughts on “February Poll: Driver or Gunner?

  1. Definitely the driver! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy manning the odd Gauss turret every now and then, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as that bone-breaking CRUNCH you hear as the tail-end of your Warthog collides with an enemy (or ally :P) Spartan.

  2. I like to grab a ‘hog’, settle down in a nice spot with good fields of fire and decent lines of sight and unleash hell upon my enemy. Unfortunately my attempts to do this are usually hampered by some sod who grabs my beloved mobile firebase, drives towards the enemy without any consideration and subsequently ends up getting us both killed very quickly without any return or result.

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