Wake Me, When You Need Me…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, first I must apologise for the distinct lack of news, features, gossip or just plain old Halo-related frolicking. But you see things have been kind of hectic lately…

At the moment, I’m bogged down with all kinds of personal stuff that I won’t bore you with. But suffice to say, it’s been more than difficult for me to conjure up anything labelled with or centred on our much-loved Halo universe. So to all you fans out there that have blessed my humble site with your presence since it took its first breath and those tentative steps back in March, sorry. But I’m afraid there’s more bad news to come.

On top of the current strife comes another altogether different matter, my novel. It’s probably no surprise that those of who clicked on the above tab hoped for more than a glimpse but instead were treated to a few uninformative sentences. It’s also probably no surprise that one of my biggest loves in life is writing, hence the site and the aforementioned attempt at a novel.

But I now find myself faced with a critical choice: carry on as normal, writing fan material for a title I love, or finish my book and get myself out there on each and every bookshelf, instead of repeatedly putting it off for a more ideal time. And if I keep putting it off, I’ll soon realise that I’m 73 and being shoved away into a retirement home by my offspring. So the time for writing is now.

This isn’t the end of The Secrets Within, not at all, just a break, a hiatus. Consider it stasis for TSW, because I plan to be back well before Halo 4 appears.

I’ll keep popping onto Twitter to provide updates and I’ll answer any questions thrown my way, so if you want to keep in touch follow my ramblings on there.

So long, everyone, and thanks for all the fish.


3 thoughts on “Wake Me, When You Need Me…

  1. Take all the time you need. My own recent attempt at getting original work published (and its glimmer of hope) recently got dashed, but I sincerely hope that you get out there. I wish you all the best of luck, and may the publisher gods smile upon you!

  2. Well, given what I know you have to juggle in your life, best of luck to you. Here’s to hoping that all that hard work pays off.

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