Staff Wanted for Revolutions Vol 2

As work is currently underway on Halo Revolutions Volume 2, I wanted to put out the message that The Secrets Within (on are looking for skilled artists and writers for our second outing. As before, Volume 2 will be available around November as a PDF and possibly a limited number of free hardcopy versions for those lucky enough to grab them while they’re available.


  • No screenshot artists this time round, just good old fashioned work – be it digital, drawn or painted.
  • All work should obviously be Halo related, and original – no copies of previous artwork by other artists.
  • Work to feature in Volume 2 should be previously unseen.


  • Writers should be able to spell, have English as their first language and have a decent grasp of grammar and punctuation.
  • We’re after short stories and poems, all Halo based and original. No serials.
  • As mentioned for the artists, featured work for Volume 2 should be new or previously unreleased to the public.Those interested should follow the yellow brick link to our home, join up and post a link to their previous or current work in our forum.>


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